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Predators don't want you to know this...


If you're not teaching your kids this one thing, then they can fall prey to online grooming.

And online grooming can lead to child trafficking or child abductions.

No, it's not hype. No, I'm not trying to terrify you.

Yes, you need to take action to prevent this from happening. Yes, it's easier than you think!

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Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic


Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic. Channeling that energy can help you raise up the mama bear/ lioness and empower you and your family.

Listen to the podcast at

Check out the video from yesterday on

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What "Cappers" are and what you AND your kids need to know about them


This is no time to be relaxed about your kid's online safety. Predators are getting more and more organized (they actually have dark web online communities) so that they can be more effective at targeting and exploiting your kids.

In today's live I'm talking about what "Cappers" are and what you AND your kids need to know about them.

I'm also talking about what YOU can do to arm your child with the right protection.

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Here is the more detailed video of what to do if a predator contacts your child:

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What to do if you know someone might be abusing a child


What could you/should you do if you know an abuser from your past has access to kids now and is in quarantine with them?

Tune in to hear my story and what different ways we can help keep kids safe.

Here is the more detailed video of what to do if a predator contacts your child:

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What stay at home or work from parents NEED to know!


YES, even stay-at-home parent kids are some of the MOST vulnerable to abuse during this quarantine.

With many cities, states and provinces starting to 're-open', now is the most important time to educate your kids.

Tune in to learn WHY and HOW you can get started.


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3 Mistakes Survivor Parents Are Making Regarding Abuse Prevention



There are 3 things you might be doing that are actually putting your child at greater risk for abuse, or for them not reporting the abuse!

Here's the other thing you need to know and understand.

Abusers may not be who you think. You may not want to look at those closest to you. Even those living in your own home. I say that at great risk of lashback- but I'm saying the truth.

So the question is: Why not empower your kids? Why not teach them some of the MOST IMPORTANT life skills that will protect them throughout their lives?

Learning about these 3 mistakes you might be making, will give you the information you need to prevent abuse or stop abuse if it's happening.

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Prevent Your Child From Being Trafficked During COVID-19 Quarantine



Teaching your kids these life-saving skills is so important during this uncertain time.

Online safety is great and necessary, but even more important is teaching kids about online grooming and how it could be dangerous.

In this video, I break down how online grooming can lead to child trafficking.

I talk about what parents need to teach beyond the basics of online safety.

What some of the red flags of grooming are.

And how to talk to kids about it so that they don't fall prey.

If you have questions or want to know more, connect with me. You can always find me at

You can also learn more about the links I mention here:







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Wake Up With Marci Interview #ChildAbusePreventionMonth

This week I was interviewed by Wake Up with Marci to talk about the fact that a lot of parents are seeking alternative forms of daycare, which includes having friends and family babysit.

What no one is really talking about, is how this can be a vulnerable time for children to face higher rates of abuse due to the issues parents are facing currently.

I know it seems like a hard subject, but we must educate ourselves.

In this interview, you will learn what grooming is.
What are signs to look for from the perpetrator?
What are the signs we can look for in our children?
And how to empower our kids to know their body is not to be touched without permission, that there are boundaries and who they can go to if ever needed.
And so much more...

April is #childabusepreventionmonth and #sexualassaultawarenessmonth please help share this information with others so we can all keep our kids and young people safe!

April is Child Abuse Prevention month. With the COVID-19...

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The first step to take if a predator contacts your child



Do you know what the first step is to do if a predator contacts your child online? You might be surprised by the answer!

Most parents respond very abruptly and miss out on the opportunity to track the offender (by law enforcement) and prevent this from happening to others.

But also, this will give your child the model for how to ask for help if they ever come across something like this in the future.

There are so many reasons it's important to know what to do! In this video I tell you how!

Protect your family by joining the Empowered Family Membership™ and take action. You can do so at

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Thank you for the great report Lyds Maria and CTV News and CTV Northern Ontario for spotlighting this important message for parents.
I was interviewed by Lydia Chubak from CTV Northern Ontario news about the 3 things parents should be thinking about and taking action on during this quarantine for kids of different ages in terms of abuse prevention.

# 1- Kids who are living with or staying with a child sexual predator parent or another family member, should be getting abuse prevention education (from at least one parent) on what to do at this time (knowing how and who to report to- ei: the other parent, hotline, safety network, etc.) knowing their rights, and body safety, etc.

# 2- Parents who have to work during this time outside of the home (everyone from doctors to grocery store cashiers) and are having to put their kids in the care of family, friends, babysitters, etc., also need to give their kids abuse prevention education (a sort of sensitive crash...
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