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PODCAST EP 28 Confronting An Abuser + Being A Male Survivor


Episode Summary

It's misunderstood and underreported. CSA (child sexual abuse) is thought to be a crime against girls, but it's also a problem faced by boys and it's grossly overlooked. We must speak up collectively and unanimously. Jeremy Indika is using his voice to do so and in a powerful way!

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk about Jeremy's story, how he confronted his abuser, what happened when he did, what it led to, and how that experience has moved him to continue being an advocate.

Jeremy's story is one of courage and defiance. It's a story of how we can look at our toxic masculinity culture and challenge it to dismantle it.

This episode is not just for male survivors, but for parents of children of all genders so we can all better understand how abuse can happen and how to protect ALL children.

I highly encourage you to check out all of Jeremy's work.


Jeremy is a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse. He spoke out for the first time when he was 27...

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PODCAST EP 27 Ending Sexual Violence For All


Episode Summary

It's Women's History Month and March 8th is International Women's Day and I can't think of a better person to highlight than Dr. Daniela Ligiero, the CEO and co-founder of Together For Girls. She is a leader in the fight against violence against children and dismantling the taboos around the topic of sexual abuse against girls.

Episode Notes

In this episode, you'll be inspired and motivated to take action! There are so many ways we can all help end sexual violence and how we, as survivors, can overcome our challenges and thrive!

We talked about Daniela's journey from survivor to thriver to warrior.

Daniela shared the many ways that Together for Girls is making a difference all around the world.

We discussed the different strategies we can all apply in our lives on micro and macro levels to end sexual violence.

We talked about what kind of support we all need to develop our own resiliency and determination to thrive and help prevent abuse for others.

And we spoke...

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PODCAST EP 25: Sex Trafficking And Your Family


Episode Summary

Today is the last day of January, and the end of Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, but it's certainly not the last time I'll be talking about this issue this year.

Episode Notes

In this episode I talk about:

• How I started learning about human trafficking

• The Listen Hunnay episode with Jeannie Mai and Tera Hilliard that opened my eyes

• Why trafficking IS a problem that will knock at your door in some way, shape or form if you're a parent or are a caring adult for other children in your life.

• Ways that kids can be trafficked from infant to teens

• How adults can be trafficked through dating sites

• Why we all need to band together to solve this problem

• Organizations you can support, through donations, volunteering or sharing about them.



Forgotten Children Inc.

Listen Hunnay Episode with Terra Hilliard 


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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Learn how to prevent child sx trafficking from happening in your home. Regardless of age!


Learn how to prevent child sx trafficking from happening in your home. Regardless of age! It can happen to an infant, to a toddler, school aged child or a teen. The new age of technology has made this grim truth a reality, but we have the power to stop it! Tune in to learn how!

Free Resources to help get you started:

Listen to the podcast episode with Feather Berkower of Parenting Safe Children over at

If you're interested in getting the shirt or other CONSENTwear™ clothing for parents or kids, head over to:

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PODCAST EP 24 with Feather Berkower: Abuse Prevention via Grooming Prevention

Feather Berkower, a child sexual assault prevention expert talks with me about some of the biggest lessons she's learned from abusers and how we can use this knowledge to prevent our kids from experiencing this kind of trauma. We also discussed what parents should do if their child has already been abused so they can prevent them from being revictimized in the future.

Are you willing to feel a little uncomfortable, so your children don't have to. Because when we turn our backs to this crime, children pay the price.

-Feather Berkower


• How abuse prevention has changed over the last 30 years and what it looks like now

• Feather shared her story for how she got started and why she's so passionate about this work

• We talked about child and parent grooming and what parents need to know from a predator/offender perspective

• What parents who's children have been abuse should do to help empower their children and prevent revictimization


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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Having ‘The Talk’ with your kids For Their Health + Safety


Not sure how or when to have 'The Talk' with your kids about the birds + the bees? 

I'm joined by Dr. Lanae St. John, author of the book READ ME: A Parental Primer For "The Talk" to learn how and when to start having these conversations (yes, that's plural) with your kids. It's for their health and safety!

Learn more about Dr. Lanae and her work at

Find her on Instagram at

And if you're a Pinterest user, you can find her content at

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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Keeping Kids Safer in 2021


Abuse can happen right under your nose. Find out how you can keep kids safer in 2021!




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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Guest Kimberly King: How to help kids learn exit strategies


Guest Kimberly King (of @Kimberly King Books) joins me today to talk about how using her book can help kids learn exit strategies.

Kimberly's Course:

Learn more about the book:

Get your hands on my free PDF for all the books I recommend:

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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: BIG NEWS! And how this impacts your family

Did you know that mainstream p*rn is rooted in gender violence and misogyny? But even more important is that it also promotes youth-based violence. What's even more important for you to know is that during the pandemic, sites like P*rnhub and other dark web sites, have boomed this year. That means that an increase in child sexual abuse has fueled this boom.
What does that mean for the safety of your kids? Tune in to find out.
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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Interview with Joyelle Brandt, Author + Editor of Parenting With PTSD


Interview with Joyelle Brandt, Author + Editor of Parenting With PTSD


Check out Joyelle Brandt's work on her website

Follow Joyelle Brandt on Instagram at

Register for the Brave Step program Brave Mom at

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