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How Harry Potter Helps Me Teach My Kids About Consent (and Secrets and Tricky People)!

When it comes to finding ways to reinforce lessons about abuse prevention, you can definitely find GOLD in JK Rowlings Harry Potter series. I've been able to pull beautiful examples of consent, secrets and tricky people as well as many others.

I talk about those three in this video so you can get a sense of how to use them in the books that your kids are already reading. But I also give an example from media (Frozen) and how you can use those as well.

We want to know that our kids are truly understanding the lessons we teach about body safety, boundaries and consent. So getting affirmations coming FROM THEM is such a wonderful feeling.

It's a confirmation that they are 'getting it' and that they are becoming empowered!

There are many ways we can use everyday moments to teach and then reinforce abuse prevention education without it having to feel or be uncomfortable or anxiety-producing! The tools are all around us! You just have to start to see the world through consent!

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