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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Learn how to prevent child sx trafficking from happening in your home. Regardless of age!


Learn how to prevent child sx trafficking from happening in your home. Regardless of age! It can happen to an infant, to a toddler, school aged child or a teen. The new age of technology has made this grim truth a reality, but we have the power to stop it! Tune in to learn how!

Free Resources to help get you started:

Listen to the podcast episode with Feather Berkower of Parenting Safe Children over at

If you're interested in getting the shirt or other CONSENTwear™ clothing for parents or kids, head over to:

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INSIGHTS WEEKLY: Keeping Kids Safer in 2021


Abuse can happen right under your nose. Find out how you can keep kids safer in 2021!




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Wake Up With Marci Interview #ChildAbusePreventionMonth

This week I was interviewed by Wake Up with Marci to talk about the fact that a lot of parents are seeking alternative forms of daycare, which includes having friends and family babysit.

What no one is really talking about, is how this can be a vulnerable time for children to face higher rates of abuse due to the issues parents are facing currently.

I know it seems like a hard subject, but we must educate ourselves.

In this interview, you will learn what grooming is.
What are signs to look for from the perpetrator?
What are the signs we can look for in our children?
And how to empower our kids to know their body is not to be touched without permission, that there are boundaries and who they can go to if ever needed.
And so much more...

April is #childabusepreventionmonth and #sexualassaultawarenessmonth please help share this information with others so we can all keep our kids and young people safe!

April is Child Abuse Prevention month. With the COVID-19...

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How Harry Potter Helps Me Teach My Kids About Consent (and Secrets and Tricky People)!


When it comes to finding ways to reinforce lessons about abuse prevention, you can definitely find GOLD in JK Rowlings Harry Potter series. I've been able to pull beautiful examples of consent, secrets and tricky people as well as many others.

I talk about those three in this video so you can get a sense of how to use them in the books that your kids are already reading. But I also give an example from media (Frozen) and how you can use those as well.

We want to know that our kids are truly understanding the lessons we teach about body safety, boundaries and consent. So getting affirmations coming FROM THEM is such a wonderful feeling.

It's a confirmation that they are 'getting it' and that they are becoming empowered!

There are many ways we can use everyday moments to teach and then reinforce abuse prevention education without it having to feel or be uncomfortable or anxiety-producing! The tools are all around us! You just have to start to see the world through consent!

If you'd...

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