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The Plan Of Action You Need To Help Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse. Let's Start!

Don't know where to start with body safety? Go from clueless to confident!

Click below to download my 10 Grooming Signs To Spot to Prevent Abuse and protect your family!

I Want To Learn The Signs!

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Learn About Grooming Signs To Spot + Stop!

NOT talking stranger danger. I'm talking about the people in your child's life that are potential predators; who look like friends, family, caregivers, even educators. In this one-hour class you'll learn the 3 things you can do to protect your kids from 'predatory (online + offline) grooming' so that your kids are not targeted and you can prevent abuse.


When you're JUST getting started with young kids!

What do I say? When do I start? What do I teach? What's age-appropriate? These are the questions most parents have about teaching their kids about abuse prevention from an early age!

This workshop was created to answer all the questions parents of infants, toddlers and kids have about getting started with abuse prevention education!


Communication tools for everyone in your life!

In this mini-course, you'll learn: how to talk to the people in your child's life about abuse prevention, how to use the letters/videos, and how to navigate the various responses you may encounter. Each consent letter template is provided with a short tutorial on how to properly utilize them for maximum effectiveness! 


"CONSENTparenting™ 101 is a must-have course to empower all parents and caregivers to protect and empower the children in their lives. I recommend this to all parents, it should be a gift to all expectant parents to protect our most sacred gift, our children."

Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza
Ph.D Counselling Psychology

CONSENTparenting™ In The News

Rosalia Rivera, founder of CONSENTparenting™ was featured in this HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade interview about what consent parenting is and why it's so important to start early!



Hi, I'm Rosalia Rivera, Consent Educator, Abuse Prevention Expert, Sexual Literacy Advocate, Founder of CONSENTparenting™, host of the AboutCONSENT™ Podcast, creatrix of CONSENTwear™ and Child Sexual Abuse Survivor turned Thriver. 
I teach parents how to confidently educate their kids and family on body safety, boundaries, and consent to greatly reduce the risk of sexual abuse. 

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Here's another way your child can speak up without having to say a word!

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Start Your Abuse Prevention Library

Teaching about body safety, boundaries and consent is easier than you think! It doesn't have to be uncomfortable, awkward or scary. Download this FREE guide so that you can get the books that will help you teach your child how to become consent-empowered to prevent abuse.

Top Recommended BOOKS for your Abuse Prevention Library

Download my FREE guide on the top books that you should DEFINITELY have to teach your child how to prevent abuse.

Rosalia is certified in

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection® COMMIT TO KIDS® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Program and is a Certified Facilitator for the Stewards Of Children® Training by Darkness to Light, as well as OnWatch™ Certified.


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