Not sure how to talk to the people in your child's life about respecting your family safety rules + boundaries?

That's where CONSENTcommunication™ comes in. This practical and effective tool empowers you to keep your family safer!

Yes! I want to protect my child!

WHY CONSENTletters®?

Because the adults in your child's life need to know that they must respect your kids' body boundaries.

CONSENTletters® are a red flag to potential predators that your child is hands off! They are effective communication tools and warnings.

Kids will feel more confident knowing that their parent has communicated about their body rights to others.

There is a greater chance that a child will report an unsafe touch or unsafe interaction if they know what kinds of interactions ARE safe.

Most adults don't think they need to ask a child for a hug or a kiss, even if well intentioned, it's not a habit to ASK. CONSENTletters® helps with that.

"My confidence in myself when it comes to dealing with uncomfortable situations has skyrocketed"

I’m no longer afraid that I’m being over-protective or giving my daughters things to worry about unnecessarily. I’m empowering them to advocate for themselves and that gives me so much peace of mind. "

-Taran Conwell

"A diplomatic way to approach a topic that family tend to overreact to."

I learned how to address family’s misconception of that giving [my] kid body autonomy means allowing them to be rude, which is so not true. The materials are thorough and to the point. Easy to understand and most importantly I appreciate your availability to troubleshoot when need arises.

- Elaine Lee


Who do I use the CONSENTletters® with?

These letters can be printed (or copy and pasted digitally) and given to:

babysitters, daycare teams,

doctors, medical specialists, dentists,

teachers, school principals,

sports coaches, dance instructors,

swim teachers, music teachers, family friends,

grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, any and all family,

and the list goes on.


“Rosalia's work with CONSENTparenting™ is healing and disrupting cycles of shame and silence for many families.

- Melissa Carnagey -

Founder of Sex Positive Families

Boundary setting is not the time to 'be nice'. It's the time to use your voice and communicate to others that your child is being educated on body safety.

...Using CONSENTletters® will give you peace of mind, and be an added layer of protection when you have to put your child in the care of others. EVEN (AND  ESPECIALLY) IF YOUR CHILD'S CAREGIVERS ARE FAMILY MEMBERS. 

"I watched the videos and downloaded the letters and woooowwww. In love!!!"

This will teach him so much besides being safe how to also respect other’s boundaries. Also, I received great feedback from my mother. I figured she would be rolling her eyes with the letter but, surprisingly she loved it, said everyone should use those."

-Ami Q


8 CONSENTletters® templates with short instructional classes for each letter to be sure you're using them effectively! PLUS NEW: CONSENTmessages™! Videos you can send directly to family or co-parents of Rosalia Rivera explaining your family rules and boundaries!

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