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Breaking From + Healing The Cycle of Toxic Masculinity, Stigma and Sexual Abuse


This episode is jam-packed with valuable lessons, guidance, love, and wisdom! You may get wrapped up in empowerment and revel in what Quentin shares! We talked about so many topics that truly impact our quality of life.

If you're a parent or not, this will help you reflect on how toxic masculinity has shaped your views and how you can break the cycle of toxic masculinity, mental health stigmas and reclaim your power as a child sexual abuse survivor.

Quentin shared on how he manages anxiety, what it can look like for others, and why it's important to get to the root of anxiety and not deal with it as a surface symptom.

We also talked about equity in communities of color and how this impacts mental health services and more! 

Shout out to Rebekah Borucki for making the connection for Quentin and me!



Quentin Vennie is a celebrated wellness expert, philanthropist, keynote speaker, and author of the bestselling memoir, Strong In The Broken...

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Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic


Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic. Channeling that energy can help you raise up the mama bear/ lioness and empower you and your family.

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