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Lessons learned from the Jeffery Epstein Case


Grooming & Teen Girls.

Today I'm sharing some important lessons learned from the Jeffery Epstein Case and how you can empower your family against abuse.

Kids need a village, community and support so they are less of a target to predators. Learn how we can do that!


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Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic


Your anger can be transformative instead of toxic. Channeling that energy can help you raise up the mama bear/ lioness and empower you and your family.

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Mimosas Podcast Interview of Rosalia of CONSENTparenting™

This week Kristen & Talia get to pick the brain of Rosalia from Consent Parenting. She brings us on her journey to motherhood, and her three different births. We get to hear about how she managed depression during her third pregnancy, and her introduction to meditation. We dive deep into the culture we can create in our home of consent parenting and what this means. We get to hear about some ways we can discuss this with grandparents, as well as how to navigate some tricky things adults might say to kids when they show their affection differently than the adult was hoping. We ask for statistics on sexual abuse, and learn about the age children are now being introduced to pornography and why that matters. Rosalia was a wealth of information!

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Stranger Danger Is A Myth


When it comes to sexual abuse, stranger danger is a MYTH.

"Research shows that the greatest risk to children doesn't come from strangers, but from friends, family, and adults we know.

People who abuse children look and act just like everyone else.

In fact, they often go out of their way to appear trustworthy, seeking out settings where they can gain easy access to children such as sporting teams, faith centers, clubs, and schools.

Not to mention the new risk for online sexual abuse. We have to know where the red flags are and get ahead of them before trouble starts."

-Kimberly King, Author of I Said No!

This is what I'll be talking about in this video! I invite you to join me to learn more about how you can become more aware of what to look out for.

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