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Post Quarantine ⚠️ Online Safety


 Post quarantine concerns that all parents should know about AND take specific actions on.

SPOILER ALERT- a head in the sand approach could be dangerous for your family.

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What to do if you know someone might be abusing a child


What could you/should you do if you know an abuser from your past has access to kids now and is in quarantine with them?

Tune in to hear my story and what different ways we can help keep kids safe.

Here is the more detailed video of what to do if a predator contacts your child:

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What stay at home or work from parents NEED to know!


YES, even stay-at-home parent kids are some of the MOST vulnerable to abuse during this quarantine.

With many cities, states and provinces starting to 're-open', now is the most important time to educate your kids.

Tune in to learn WHY and HOW you can get started.


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TIPS for what to do to keep kids SAFE ONLINE during this high usage time to prevent predators from accessing your kids.

1:26 This is the link for Bark that I mentioned in the video: for helping you monitor your child's online usage.

2:19 You can listen to my podcast episode with Titania Jordan, the CMO of Bark at this link:

11:56 Check out other resources like CyberWise that have great classes (as well as free resources right now) at



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