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Summer Online Kids Safety is a MUST because predators have been educating themselves

Summer Online Kids Safety is a MUST because predators have been educating themselves on how to access your kids.
But there is so much that we, as parents and protectors, can do! Tune in to learn what!
Trigger Warning, I talk about child sexual abuse in this video. Please take care of your mental health when watching if you need to pause. But please come back or skip to the last 10 minutes to learn about what you can do.
This is the article I was showing you from the Child Rescue Coalition in the video:
To learn more about the Empowered Family Membership click here:
Sign up for the SUMMER SAFETY ONLINE KIDS (done-for-you) ACTION PLAN FOR BUSY MOMS here:
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How predators are allowed to thrive


How the USA Gymnastics institution and law enforcement system failed to stop a predator, and how common it is in all places.

Go from anxiously teaching abuse prevention to confidently and proactively empowering your family:

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How strong are your family's boundaries?


An empowered family is one that practices strong boundaries together.

Predators don't mess with empowered families!

To join the free Survivor Parent Abuse Prevention Toolkit 3-Part Series go to:

If you'd like to join the CONSENTparenting™ FB group go here:

If you'd like to get on the waitlist for the Empowered Family Membership:

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Consent and Decolonizing our parenting


The way we raise kids is rooted in colonization mentality.

And if you don't know what that means, you're in for a treat.

This topic might just blow your mind!

Learn more from Dr Rosales Meza on her website at:

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Predators don't want you to know this...


If you're not teaching your kids this one thing, then they can fall prey to online grooming.

And online grooming can lead to child trafficking or child abductions.

No, it's not hype. No, I'm not trying to terrify you.

Yes, you need to take action to prevent this from happening. Yes, it's easier than you think!

Download my free (and powerfully easy) guide to creating a Safety Network for your family at

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Interview by Jessie Medina of FEMx Podcast with Rosalia Rivera: Rape Culture Series Episode

In this podcast episode by FEMx Podcast by Jessie Medina, I was interviewed to talk about consent education. I talk about how to educate kids on protecting themselves and their bodies, how survivors can start to the healing process and more!

The best conversations are had between those who support and respect each other! It was an honor to be invited as a guest on the FEMx Podcast by the magical Jessie Medina of FEM Latinas!


I invite you to check out this episode where we discuss:

📍 What is Consent & Boundaries are.

📍 What those concepts mean for the empowerment of women.

📍 What parents should do if they suspect abuse.

📍 Why it's so important to educate our youth on these topics!

📍 What abuse survivors need to know!


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Helping Kids Regulate Emotions For Body Safety

Because of the way children's brains develop, they can't regulate their emotions with ease. It's our job as parents to help them navigate that.
However, if we, as kids, were not taught how to regulate our own emotions, we may not be able to do it ourselves, let alone help our kids!
In this video, I show you a technique that I learned from Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson and their book The Whole Brain Child. In that book, they present various techniques for helping kids self regulate and connect with the parent so they can move through difficult emotions.
But, you may be asking, WHY does this matter when it comes to body safety?
As you will hear in the video, when we can help our kids learn to process their emotions, understand them, and regulate them, they can then make more rational decisions under stressful circumstances.
If your child were ever to find themselves in a situation that was unsafe, wouldn't you want them to be able to keep...
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